Car Rent Hua Hin - GUIDELINES

1. Authorised Drivers is the renter which includes anyone that has signed or is included on the front agreement overleaf that has a valid driving license and is over 21 years of age.

2. Vehicle is and will include the vehicle, tyres, tools and spare wheel/tyre, equipment and documents. The vehicle provided by the owner will be operated only by Authorised Drivers.

3. Restrictions; The vehicle will not be used or operated by anyone; a. Who is not an authorised driver. b. Who allows more passengers than there are seat belts. c. Off regularly maintained and paved roadways: outside the kingdom of Thailand. d. Who leaves the vehicle unlocked and unsecured. e. When continued operation of the vehicle is likely to cause damage. f. To carry people or property for hire, to push or tow any other vehicle. g. Who improperly fuels the vehicle and improperly loads the vehicle. h. Who obtains the vehicle using false information. i. Who uses the vehicle recklessly toward other people and property. j. Who is intoxicated or under the influence of any substance that impairs driving ability. k. During the commission of a felony or the transportation of illegal contraband.

4. Vehicle Loss, Damage and Third Party Claims; The deposit of 5,000/10,000 baht will be retained by the company. Any Accident, Damage or Loss of Equipment must be reported to the relevant insurance company and Paradise City Cars Co Ltd within 24 hrs. Failure to comply may result in the hirer being held wholly responsible for all costs. Regardless of fault the renter is responsible for all loss and damage to the vehicle and all related expenses (including rental duration for vehicle off the road), plus the companies administration charge for expenses associated with processing the claim. The renter can replace any damaged or lossed equipment from the car provided the damaged part/equipment is of the same standard. Any uninsured losses or claims are the responsibility of the renter and/or driver.

5. Vehicle Return; The vehicles are rented on a 24 hour basis, the vehicles must be returned by the specified time (Date Back, Time Back). Failure to return within the specified period will result in a charge and/or penalty charge unless agreed before hand. Paradise City Cars Company Ltd Thailand, has absolutely zero connection with any other company of the same name within Thailand or outside Thailand. All cars belonging to Paradise City Cars co ltd are maintained to manufacturer’s guidelines. THE PARADISE CITY CARS PROMISE PARADISE CITY CARS GAURANTEE THAT THE DEAL BEING OFFERED BY THE COMPANY IS THE BEST DEAL IN THE AREA FROM A REGISTERED COMPANY IN THAILAND. If you find a better deal in the area by a legal company with insured cars (CAR HIRE)




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